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Kumkum Bhagya 16th December 2022 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 16 December 2022 Composed Episode.

The Episode begins with Prachi pondering Ranbir and reviews their minutes. They think halting the marriage is past the point of no return. Ranbir additionally ponders her checking her out. Prachi goes to her room.

She envisions Aaliya and Rhea driving Sid and Prachi to get hitched and powerfully making Sid fill her hairline with sindoor. She awakens and believes assuming it was a fantasy and supposes in the event that there is 1% possibility that this thing will occur. She figures how to stop this marriage, she can’t stop it so she needs to leave.

She says I will leave from here, without telling anybody, as I can’t take any longer gamble. She is leaving. Ranbir asks her where is she going? He sees pack in her grasp and inquires as to whether she is taking off from truth. Prachi says she can’t bear now. Ranbir says it is past the point of no return now. Prachi says it isn’t so much that that late that I don’t take choice for my youngster. Ranbir gets some information about her child once, and says you will do a major sin.

Prachi says enough and says you didn’t think even once what I bear to come here. He says how would I know, when you don’t tell me. Prachi says in the event that I will tell you, and says you have done many sins. Ranbir says on the off chance that I do sin, you need to do atonement. He says we could loathe or adore one another, battle and so on, yet can’t separate from one another. Prachi embraces him and says she is terrified. Ranbir expresses dread of losing is essential to get something. He holds her and responds the embrace. Prachi cries embracing him.

In Kumkum Bhagya 16 December 2022 Manjha melody plays… ..Rhea sees them embracing and gets stunned. She approaches them and hacks. Prachi and Ranbir break the embrace. Ranbir says really I was causing Prachi to comprehend not to leave. Rhea gets stunned and inquires as to whether she was leaving without doing marriage, no, how might this occur. She says the young lady who can confront reality, can do this.

She says Prachi can’t be out of control young lady, however seeing the pack. Ranbir is going to say. Prachi lets him know that she will say and says she will do this marriage at any rate.

What Rhea Says in Kumkum Bhagya 16 December 2022?

Rhea says you are saying as though you are doing incline toward on us and says you are wedding Sid, as you are conveying his kid. Prachi says I will do this marriage, and gets some information about her child. She says so a lot will change with this marriage. She says regardless of whether Rhea, Sid or Ranbir attempt to stop this marriage, yet can’t. She says challenge acknowledged and goes. Rhea thinks for what reason is she apprehensive and thinks Prachi feigned to frighten her, yet she will be apprehensive and not her.

Shahana comes to Prachi’s room in Kumkum Bhagya 16 December 2022. Prachi says she was leaving when Ranbir… Shahana asks where she was leaving. Prachi says I figured I will make a huge difference, however… She says she needs to disappear from here.

Shahana says unexpectedly. Prachi tells her something. Shahana says you both let each know other that you can’t survive without one another, and says all will be great. Prachi says nothing can occur until I tell truth to Ranbir and he was unable to tell his sentiments to me. Shahana asks her not to get frail and win this battle as well. She says you will resemble Pragya Maasi and requests that she bear a little. Prachi says she has bear enough. Shahana says my heart is saying that all will be great.

Sid and Prachi’s marriage capability starts. A visitor woman says rangoli is generally lovely, as it is promising. Ranbir says my foot and destroys the rangoli with his foot. He then, at that point, sits to address it.

Pallavi comes there to help him. He asks didn’t you feel furious on me? Pallavi says your annoyance is legitimate, it is your aggravation which is emerging. Ranbir says sorry. Pallavi says my choice resembles unpleasant medication for you, which will assuage you. She says when you see Sid, Prachi and child blissful after numerous years, then, at that point, you will be cheerful as you generally needed Prachi’s satisfaction. She gets up and goes as visitor called her.

Why Ranbir Close His Eyes In Kumkum Bhagya 16 December 2022?

Ranbir shuts his eyes and says he will carry on with his existence with Prachi’s recollections. Prachi asks herself what is she doing, and say one error can destroy everything. Rhea thumps on the entryway and comes inside. She says my sister will be look wonderful with Sid on the mandap.

Prachi says Rhea. Rhea asks her not to give her any more gyaan and requests that she tune in. Prachi inquires as to for what reason will I pay attention to you, and says who are you, for what reason will I converse with you. She says I will converse with the individual with whom I need to carry on with my existence with. Rhea says you need to take his assistance, yet can’t. you need to vent out your indignation, yet can’t.

She says you can’t challenge me moreover. She says lets do this as a game. She says you would rather not do this marriage, yet I will make it happen. She says Sid, Ranbir, you and I will play a few deceives, some close to home, some risky, however the genuine game between you and me. She says I will acknowledge your loss and you will acknowledge my triumph. She says I’m winning and giggles. She says when you will be situated with my ex Sid and will see me with your ex Ranbir then, at that point, will see your loss. She asks her, what look would she say she is giving her?



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