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Parineetii 17th December 2022 Written Update

Parineetii 17th December 2022 Written Update

The episode starts with Biji asking Parineet to dance. Vishal gives a entry and performed on the stage. Biji praises his dance. Neeti feels that his face familiar one to him. Parineet asks Rajeev who he is?

Why Vishal hugs Rajeev in Parineetii 17th December 2022?

Vishal hugs Rajeev and tells him that he didn’t see him for long. He came here to attend his family function to see him. He asks Rajeev Is she his wife seeing Parineet? He denies it. Vishal greets Rajeev’s parents. Anchor annouces Rajeev name to dance on stage. Rajeev calls Neeti to dance with him but she deny it reasoning Biji will misunderstands them.

Anchor asks Parineet and Neeti to joins with him. Trio dances together. Biji dislikes the way Neeti sticks to Rajeev. She joins with them and pushes Neeti away. Gurinder thinks that she ignored Neeti for Parineet. She thinks where is Rakesh?

May be he will come to wash the vessels after the function end. Simi wears Gangubai costume. Babli teases her. Simi gives a dance performance on stage. Meanwhile, Rakesh reaches to Parineet’s house. He is in groom attire hiding his face with Sehara. He thinks that he is here to Parineet with him.

What Neeti Wishes in Parineetii 17th December 2022?

Neeti wishes to talk with Vishal to clear her confusion. She thinks that Sanju is already angry with her for behind Rajeev.

May be he won’t misunderstands her. He is Sanju’s friend. She greets Vishal and asks him did we meet before? Vishal about to inform her about their meet in the mall.

One of his friend take Vishal from there. Neeti thinks that Rajeev also returned from London. Vishal feels uncomfortable of Neeti’s stare. He thinks that Rajeev’s wife keeps staring him. Neeti thinks that he may be feeling embarrassed of her stare.



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