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Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th December 2022 Today Episode

Sasural Simar Ka 2 16 December 2022 Composed Episode, Composed Update on

Shandhya and Chitra apologizes for their previous oversights to Simar. Simar says it isn’t their shortcoming, Laboni made them to make it happen. Gajendran thanks god for the loss of the malevolence. They all took a blissful family selfie. Arindam investigates his enchanted ball and gives a fulfilled grin that he get an ideal family precisely like his.

Arindam’s grin says a great deal regarding his next perilous preparation. He and his joker begins snickering. All Oswals begins moving and partaking in together. Everybody look eased after a long.

Aditi comes downstair to figure out Geets plays with Vivaan. She communicates her happiness and how delightfully she had acted at night. Vivaan concurs with her to satisfy his sister.

Then, at that point, she requests that Vivaan let her be as she wants at some point to figure out the milk bottle. She out of nowhere hears some sound. She gets exceptionally stunned as the lobby is unfilled. Be that as it may, the jokester was there and she can’t see anybody because of absence of light.

The jokester begins shocking her. First she thinks that it is awkward. She puts on the light and figures out the comedian there in the lobby. Later she observes that she is being senseless. She is getting shocked in light of a joker. She leaves the room after at some point. After the party Simar and Araav begins moving towards their bed room. Araav attempts to get his significant other’s midsection however Simar stops him to do as such. Then, at that point, they came to Reema to Vivaan’s room. Reema is dealing with Vivaan’s injury.

In Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th December 2022 Araav ridicules the sounds Vivaan is making from torment. They all lough together on one another cheerful love life. Reema says thanks to Simar for her work to overcome Laboni. Two sisters embrace one another. After that Simar and Araav leave the room.

What happens to Vivaan in Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th December 2022?

Vivaan attempts to come near his better half and starts romancing yet Reema gets extremely stunned as she feels somebody outside the room. She burst out the room, out of dread however finds noone their. Vivaan neglects to comprehend her trepidation and attempts to loosen up her.

Coming in the room of themselves, Aarav acclaims Simar his sweet words and kisses on her temple. She gets bashful. He keeps kissing all over. Simar gazes at him sincerely. Simar requests that he take the rest. She goes to turn off the light. Simar is approached in the obscurity to sing a tune for him. She begins to play the instrument and Aarav mindfully listens her.

Here the joker likewise gazes at her. Furthermore, Arindam additionally partakes in the music of Simar. He associates with Simar and the flavor of the music. Aarav fells sleeping. Simar abruptly sees two blasting eyes.

In the wake of illuminating, Simar tracks down nothing. However, when again she turns off the light, that creepy eyes shows up. Arindam reviews his own family and wishes that these relatives wil be traded with the individuals from Oswaal. So he will return his own Roy Chowdhury family alive. To imagine that get-together, he ends up being invigorated and chuckles with parody.

In the following morning in Sasural Simar Ka 2 16th December 2022, all the design of kitchen and house hold things are dissipated way. Badima requests that her workers clean.

Badima requests that Gajendra call the police. At the point when Simar suspects that joker face, out of nowhere Arindam shows up with his baggage. He is heartfully invited by the oswal. Arindam declares he has some uplifting news. He advises Simar to come before him. What’s more, shockingly Arindam says he has come to look for Simar’s hand. Everybody gets befuddled.



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